New Song Testimonials

What People Say About A New Song in the Morning

Regarding this beautiful CD, all I can think is how the precious Holy Spirit has gifted Elaine with such comforting and reassuring songs of praise and prayer. Her voice has a beautiful quality that with the message, “Children, Your Father Cares for You” and the others have already brought joy from a residents in the nursing home where my Mother is.

Carolyn, Petosky, MI

(Concerning a young woman in a coma after a car accident) I sent your CD to be played while she was in her coma. I have been told that the sense of hearing is the sense that stays with us during trauma. She had been restless in her transitional period. Your music really calmed her. She has now recovered completely. What a blessing you were for all of them.

Cecilia, Toledo, OH

What a blessing this beautiful voice and musical talents will be to the people of Epworth! Many times when we struggle with an illness or loss, words alone offer little hope but music can calm our hearts and bring us closer to Christ.

Director of Congregational Care, Epworth Methodist Church, Toledo, OH

Just listening in the car to my new CD. What a blessing and so inspirational … It’s… Above & beyond. The songs, the arrangements are so beautiful…wow what a gorgeous voice … Tones are so rich… Later I’m going to purchase the CDs for my choir.

Evelyn, Guttenberg, NJ

You have no idea how much this CD has blest our lives. We play it when we eat and Bill likes it to be playing when he goes to bed at night. I also took one to where I work, and it is played several times a day at the largest furniture store in Jacksonville! We get many very nice comments,

Sharon, Jacksonville, FL

I gave my last CD away to a college friend. This is her response: “And Oh how I love the CD – I’ve been playing it at home. Her insights – words and music – are SO GOOD!!!”

Freda, Lakeside, OH

My wife and I appreciate the music so much that we are bringing our friends into the house, sitting them down by the fireplace where they can really relax, and playing the CD for them. If I had to throw out all our CDs but one, this is the one I would keep.

Jerry, Petosky, MI