Elaine’s CD

A New Song in the Morning CD

Gentle, moving songs sung by Elaine Johnson to comfort and heal.

51iFe01m6PL._SL500_AA300_Uplift for the sick, depressed, or grieving person…

To introduce to you the CD, A New Song in the Morning, think back to King David. As a boy, David honed his musical skills over many hours alone while caring for sheep. Then he could practice on a harp and compose psalms of praise to God.

David’s skill borne of those hours found its mark years later. King Saul used to get so agitated that his staff would be in fear. But they knew the power of inspired music, and they would call David to play his harp until calm settled over the King.

Inspired music has the same power today. While the anxiety of people rages in the day in which we live, people can receive healing, comfort and uplift from music. A New Song in the Morning is a collection of songs written by Elaine Johnson to comfort and strengthen those who are dealing with extreme stress— either their own or that of a loved one.

As an added bonus, some well-loved traditional hymns are included for you to sing along.

hs-cdphoto-1These gentle songs have been placed in hospital gift shops and in hospice locations and are used by Stephen ministries in churches. We feel helpless sometimes as to what we can bring as a gift to people in these situations. A New Song in the Morning CD is an ideal possibility.

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